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P.U.L.L. was created around International Day of Peace.

We created the walk for our community to come together and walk in Peace, Unity and Love.

Saturday, September the 18th, 2021 we were able to do it again face to face.

The weather was perfect and the sun came out to play too!) The turn out was bigger than then the 1st walk which is always good to see new faces with out previous walkers.

As the world heal from the past two years we hope to see more smiling faces and walker for the coming year

Our 4th Annual P.U.L.L. Walk is set for

Saturday, September 17th, 2022.

This post is a reminder that peace can come in many forms. We will continue to build our story in hopes that we can be the light that shines PEACE, UNITY, LOVE in LIFE for our town and our walk through this world.

Take a moment of silence and see how you can continue to support peace.

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